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Kinney Drugs offers free medicine flavoring in ‘Yuk To Yum’ promotion


Kinney Drugs is making it easier for children to take their medicine. The company is kicking off a new promotion on medication flavoring for liquid prescription formulations such as antibiotics. The “Yuk to Yum” service, normally valued at $2.99, will be free for a limited time at all Kinney Drugs locations. Customized medication flavoring aims to ease parents' struggle to get their children to take important liquid medications prescribed by their physicians.

“Previously, oral liquid formulations prescribed to young children were limited to the flavoring utilized by the manufacturer, creating a “one size fits” all option that doesn’t always appeal to them,” said Shannon Miller, Kinney’s director of patient outcomes. “Medication flavoring allows pharmacists to strategically mask “yucky” medicine taste with “yummy” flavors kids are willing to ingest, increasing the likelihood that little ones will take their needed medicines. It’s important that young kids finish a full course of medication, especially when fighting common illnesses such as ear and sinus infections, strep throat, etc."

When picking up a prescription at Kinney Drugs, patients can ask about medication flavoring. The pharmacist will look up the prescription medication and offer several options from which to choose. Kinney’s flavorings are all free of sugar, gluten, dyes and casein.

“We tend to see increases in illnesses and related prescriptions around the time children go back to school,” said Miller.  “Parents have enough to worry about this year, Kinney wants to make sure getting their kids to take their medications isn’t one of them,” she added.

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