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Kroger Health's The Little Clinic revamps weight management program

A holistic and personalized approach offers comprehensive options, including GLP-1 medication therapies, to help people achieve health goals.

Kroger Health's The Little Clinic is taking on a renewed approach to its weight management program, offering a holistic and personalized approach to professional medical support and education. 

When medically appropriate, patients will be able to explore medical treatment, including GLP-1s such as Wegovy, Zepbound and others as part of their weight loss journey. Starting at $99 per visit, the program is available in-person and via telehealth and The Little Clinic accepts insurance plans to help cover the program's costs. Today, the program is available to patients in all states where The Little Clinic operates, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia.

"We know when patients achieve their healthy weight goals, they live healthier lives," said Meggen Brown, Kroger Health chief nursing officer. "This renewed weight management program will provide resources to patients struggling with their weight and weight-related health conditions to improve their overall wellbeing. Patients can meet with our team in their familiar neighborhood retailer or virtually in the comfort of their home. This is just one more way we are making healthcare convenient, accessible and affordable for families."

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The newly relaunched weight management program offers comprehensive, personalized and evidence-based options. Its patient-centered offerings include:

  • Resources on fresh and healthy foods
  • Ongoing medical visits from a board-certified clinical provider
  • Routine coaching
  • Community support information
  • If appropriate, the inclusion of prescribed, FDA approved medical treatments, including GLP-1s

The new weight management program also places emphasis on Kroger Health's Food as Medicine philosophy, which focuses on food playing a key role in preventing illness and ongoing health maintenance. By incorporating Food as Medicine into a weight management program, patients have the resources they need to explore how specific foods can assist in starting and maintaining weight loss.

"Personalized and convenient care are at the center of everything we do," said Theresa Riggs, Cincinnati/Dayton Division Little Clinic regional clinical leader. "Each treatment plan is personalized by licensed healthcare providers based on a patient's health history as well as their overall health and wellness goals. We want to help our patients get and stay healthy. We value every aspect of their healthcare journey, and we are here to help them feel better and lead the healthiest life possible." 

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For more information about The Little Clinic's weight management program, please visit online here.  

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