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Kroger, Soda Health launch Smart Benefits Program

The program provides access to personalized benefits for food, health products, pharmacy and nutrition services as well as other social care needs.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co., and Soda Health are launching the Smart Benefits program, which combines Kroger Health's services with Soda Health's &more platform. 

This program allows participating Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and employer benefits program recipients to receive certain pharmacy, nutrition services and other eligible benefits at The Kroger Co.'s Family of Pharmacies, in addition to purchasing eligible food and over-the-counter health items. The Smart Benefits program is operated and powered by Soda Health, a health tech company working to change the way benefit dollars are used to improve an individual's health and reduce health inequities.

The benefit resources funded by insurance plans are accessed through Soda Health's &more debit card to make it easier to purchase nutritious foods and quality healthcare services at participating retailers. Additionally, the &more debit card can be used to pay for transportation for medical appointments or even personal utility bills. 

James Kirby, chief commercial officer of Kroger Health told Drug Store News, “We understand the importance of food, nutrition and other social factors like transportation have in preventing or treating chronic health conditions. However, access to these products and services is not always equitable nor easy. Now with Soda Health’s &more card, members can not only purchase eligible food and over-the-counter items in our stores, but also have their pharmacy and preventive health needs addressed.”

Kirby added, "The Smart Benefits program within Soda Health's &more platform will provide more people with the tools, and information they need to make better, healthier choices. We know food has such a large impact on health outcomes for our customers and patients. By improving access to healthy, affordable food and other health resources, we are working toward truly changing the way America eats." 

Powered by Soda Health's technology, the program offers personalized health recommendations, including reminders about health screenings, vaccines, prescription refills and suggestions for medical supplies, such as glucose monitors.

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The program provides access to personalized benefits for food, health products, pharmacy and nutrition services as well as other social care needs.

"Together, Soda Health and Kroger Health are enabling localized and personalized health care to customers," said Robby Knight, co-founder and CEO of Soda Health. "We chose to collaborate with Kroger Health to share the prominent role that Food as Medicine plays in health care. Through their services including OptUp and registered dietitians they are working to empower people to make choices that will impact their overall wellbeing." 

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