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Lannett obtains FDA nod to manufacture Numbrino in Indiana

​​​​​​The approval allows Lannett’s site in Seymour, Ind. to rapidly expand liquid drug manufacturing.

Lannett has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to manufacture Numbrino, the company's branded topical anesthetic product, at its main plant in Seymour, Ind. The company previously manufactured Numbrino and other liquid drug products at its Carmel, N.Y. plant, which it sold in March of this year as part of a restructuring and cost reduction plan.

"We completed the liquid drug build-out at our Seymour plant and received this FDA approval well ahead of schedule, demonstrating our team's capabilities, dedication and focus," said Tim Crew, Lannett CEO. "Moreover, the approval indicates that we can continue transferring our liquid drug products with confidence, and it opens the door for expansion of our contract development and manufacturing efforts we market to other companies into the solution and suspension categories. We also expect our overall manufacturing efficiencies will be enhanced as production ramps up of Numbrino and other liquid and suspension drug products at the Seymour plant."

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Crew noted that at the time of the sale of the Carmel plant the company said the buyer would support production of certain Lannett products for a period of up to 18 months.

“Now, our team will only need such production support for less than 10 months — a remarkably expeditious time frame by prevailing industry standards,” Crew said.

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