Leveraging Messaging & AI to Deliver an Effortless Vaccination Experience

In the urgency to vaccinate millions of Americans, the right consumer experience is critical -- yet for many, the vaccination experience journey is still broken and confusing.

Join experts from Drug Store News, LivePerson, and TTEC on April 12 at 11 a.m. ET as we explore how leading retail pharmacies are bridging the gaps and delivering an efficient, proactive, customer-friendly vaccination experience, by utilizing the same messaging channels your customers use to talk to friends and family.
We’ll discuss:

  • What retail pharmacies are doing to connect empathetic, at-home associates with consumers to deliver accurate vaccine information and scheduling support at scale and speed
  • How to introduce messaging and automation strategies to handle surging contact volume, enabling proactive outreach and strengthening consumers’ trust through improved communication
  • How to enable timely reporting/tracking to databases by replacing or augmenting current systems with a flexible and modular approach
  • How to strengthen customer loyalty over the long term after a successful vaccine experience


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