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Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company partners with Zócalo Health

The partnership aims to bring lower prescription drug prices to consumers in the Latino community.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) is collaborating with Zócalo Health to improve access to all medications available through Cost Plus Drugs for the Latino community.

Zócalo Health, launched in 2021, is focused on removing barriers to quality primary care for Latino patients. All users of Zócalo Health will have access to Cost Plus Drugs’ prescriptions through membership packages or one-time urgent care visits.

"A key piece of the U.S. healthcare system that continues to be a barrier for routine primary care and ongoing care management is high prescription drug costs. Nearly 30% of individuals taking prescription medication struggle to afford the cost, with the burden most severely impacting those who make less than $40,000 a year and have medication costs over $100. These factors disproportionately impact Latino individuals, who are more likely to require medications for chronic health conditions and often do not have the ability to pay pharmacy prices. From diabetes to hepatitis C, Latino patients are forced to pay higher drug costs, with fewer resources which results in Latinos having to make the impossible choice between life-saving medications and putting food on the table," Zócalo Health said.

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“We are excited to work with Zócalo Health to bring lower prescription drug prices to consumers,” said Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. “Cost Plus Drugs and Zócalo Health share a common goal of providing consumers the lowest possible price for their prescription medication. With Cost Plus Drugs, consumers can be confident they are getting a fair price and the convenience of medication mailed directly to their homes.”

The integration into Zócalo Health’s primary care experience combines the transparent pricing and convenience of Cost Plus Drugs with Zócalo Health’s culturally fluent care navigation team, granting patients access to the pharmacy from within the Zócalo Health virtual experience. Zócalo Health care navigators will assist any members interested in transferring their medications, from answering their questions to coordinating with the provider on the member’s behalf. Zócalo Health aims to maximize access to low-cost options like Cost Plus Drugs and improve Latino patients' overall medication management experience.

“Improving access to medications will be a key in eliminating existing disparities that disproportionately impact the Latino community. It is not only the right thing to do for our community, but also life saving for many,” said Erik Cardenas CEO of Zócalo Health. "The Zócalo Health care model is built around trust and connecting our patients to innovative and vetted solutions that help us gradually build the trust needed for long-term relationships and on-going care management.”

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Zócalo Health offers direct pay for individual and family primary care memberships and a one-time visit option for urgent care needs. Services are currently available for people in Texas and California, with plans to expand to other communities soon.

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