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A pharmacist with a mask spraying sanitizer on patient.

Health Mart’s Lyons discusses how independent pharmacies are meeting patients’ needs

In a DSN webinar, Nancy Lyons, chief pharmacist at Health Mart and vice president of pharmaceutical solutions and services at McKesson, highlighted how independent pharmacies are rising to the challenge amid COVID-19.

McKesson's Chris Dimos to retire

Chris Dimos, who has been in the industry since he started as a pharmacist in 1989, will retire from McKesson in September.

McKesson headquarters.

McKesson's new four-segment structure includes two new reportable segments — prescription technology solutions and international.

A puzzle piece featuring a person.

Bansi Nagji, previously McKesson's executive vice president and chief strategy and business development officer, will serve as GoodRx's president of health care.

A puzzle piece featuring a person.

Tom Rodgers is McKesson's new executive vice president and chief strategy and business development officer, succeeding Bansi Nagji, who stepped down March 31.

McKesson headquarters.

McKesson’s pharmaceutical and specialty solutions segment saw revenue increase 13% over Q4 2019, totaling $46.3 billion, and full-year revenue for the segment rose 9% over the prior fiscal year, totaling $183.3 billion.

Health Mart is working with eTrueNorth to begin providing drive-through COVID-19 testing at certain Health Mart pharmacies.

A conference full of peoples sitting in front of a speaker.

McKesson has cancelled ideaShare 2020; looks forward to ideaShare 2021.

A puzzle piece with a stick figure.

McKesson is conducting a search for Bansi Nagji's successor, who is stepping down as executive vice president and chief strategy and business development officer, on March 31.

LAS VEGAS — The sweeping healthcare reforms encompassed in the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will transform parts of the American healthcare landscape. But the nation’s fiscal challenges and the unsustainable cost increases generated by the U.S. health system also will drive fundamental changes in the way providers, payers and patients search for a more cost-effective and accountable set of solutions to a health system in crisis, said McKesson’s top public policy expert at ideaShare 2012.

LAS VEGAS — Community pharmacy is a profession, but it’s also a business. To that end, McKesson has over the past three years provided a comprehensive and confidential online resource for prospective pharmacy buyers and sellers and for students interested in a career in independent pharmacy.

LAS VEGAS — Independent pharmacy owner-operators, by definition, stand somewhat alone. It’s the nature of their calling, and it defines their particular brand of pharmacy retailing as a responsive, patient-focused center for community care and high-touch, individualized personal service.

LAS VEGAS — An overwrought U.S. healthcare system in desperate need of new solutions and new ways to cut the unsustainable cost spiral will demand a new, more engaged and more patient-centered role for community pharmacists.

With some 3,000 stores now under its banner coast to coast and official designation by JD Power & Associates as the nation’s favorite pharmacy service provider, Health Mart has achieved a remarkable growth record in the eight years since McKesson launched a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Health Mart brand and marketing strategy. Now, the nation’s top name in independent franchised pharmacy is stepping up to a new level of customer care, operating performance, marketing sophistication and technological prowess.

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