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​​​​​​​MedleyMed launches Ananda E-Clinics

MedleyMed is offering Ananda E-Clinics, a one-stop-shop solution for setting up a virtual clinic within a pharmacy store.

Medley Medical Solutions is unveiling Ananda E-Clinics, a model that enables local pharmacies to offer virtual clinics and facilitate online doctor consultations with patients.

The company touted Ananda E-Clinic as an easy, quick and simple format that allows the clinic to be set up in every mid-size and large pharmacy because it requires just a kiosk space. “From selecting the doctors to consulting with them and getting the medicines as per prescription will all happen at each Ananda E-Clinic Kiosk,” Medley Medical Solutions said.

Ananda E- Clinics serve as a one-stop shop solution for pharmacists, offering them a holistic support system that includes virtual consultation software, booking appointments and doctor consultation, 24/7 customer support to resolve queries, and marketing support to create awareness in local communities.

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“Ananda E-Clinic is a conscious step towards solving one of the major hurdles in the Indian healthcare ecosystem,” said M. Satyendra (Satish), founder of Medley Medical Solutions. “Since dependency on the pharmacist for medication is not always beneficial for the patients and caretakers, we thought of creating this Ananda E-Clinics ecosystem within pharmacies, thus making the doctor consultation process more accessible and beneficial for everyone. We will also be expanding the reach of quality health care to geographical areas less covered and to the underprivileged and poorer sections of the society.”

“It is also an opportunity for the local pharmacy store to transform into a virtual clinic with minimal investment and benefit from the incentives and increased customer base,” he said. “Through the franchise model, we aim to expand our operations to over 1,000 pharmacies across the country in the next three years.”

More than 50 pharmacies in Hyderabad have agreed to implement the clinic and implementation is underway, the company said.

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The company said that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the Indian healthcare system, forcing hospitals and clinics across the country to quickly pivot to virtual care.

While we are noticing a reforming trend in the adoption of digital healthcare services, we still witness a community of people who walk into nearby pharmacies and prefer taking medicines as per the recommendations of the pharmacist,” the company said.

This is observed to be a common practice, especially in smaller towns and villages, but sometimes it can turn dreadful as a pharmacist lacks the required knowledge and also is not registered like medical practitioners or experienced doctors.”

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