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MeMD unveils name change to Walmart Health Virtual Care

​​​​​​​MeMD marks its official transition to the Walmart Health family following its acquisition in 2021.

MeMD, a multispecialty national telehealth provider, is shedding its name. The company will now be called Walmart Health Virtual Care.

The new name reflects its official transition to the Walmart Health family and marks the final stages of MeMD’s acquisition by Walmart Health, which was initially announced in May 2021.

“In this next evolution of MeMD, we are excited to begin officially delivering services as Walmart Health Virtual Care, bringing affordable, high-quality telehealth options to as many organizations as possible,” said Bill Goodwin, head of Walmart Health Virtual Care. “This is also a win for our current patients and employers who will have access to a wide range of additional health offerings under the Walmart Health umbrella.”

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Walmart Health Virtual Care provides enterprise-level organizations and groups nationwide with access to telehealth services, including urgent care, primary care and behavioral health care, complementing brick-and-mortar Walmart Health centers where patients can access in-person care. Walmart Health Virtual Care will be available in Florida Walmart Health centers and expand to existing centers over the next several months, the company said.

Now under the umbrella of Walmart Health, Walmart Health Virtual Care will continue its track record of innovating and redefining the telehealth landscape. As an example, Walmart Health Virtual Care announced the development of a signature diabetes program, created in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association to help organizations close gaps in diabetes management among employees and their families.

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“Walmart Health Virtual Care is an important element of Walmart Health, and today’s significant milestone brings us one step closer to delivering on our mission to increase access to quality health care and deliver it to our customers when, where and how they want it,” said David Carmouche, Walmart’s senior vice president of omnichannel care. “I look forward to the Walmart Health Virtual Care team continuing to grow and scale to offer even more care options to organizations and patients nationwide.”

The patient experience will remain seamless throughout the branding shift, and groups will gain opportunities to improve the health and well-being of members, the company said.

Since its inception, MeMD has been committed to excellence in customer service, care and technology. Walmart Health Virtual Care’s telehealth solutions are trusted by more than 30,000 corporate, institutional and health plan partners nationwide covering more than 5 million members, the company said.

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