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NACDS’ Anderson highlights members’ health positioning in U.S. Chamber of Commerce report


As part of its economic analysis that is highly anticipated each year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a report titled “2021 State of American Business: Industry Perspectives,” which includes a statement by NACDS President and CEO Steve Anderson in the “Retail” section.

"In April 2020, NACDS launched a national public service message pledging that national and regional pharmacies and their heroic teams in the traditional drug, supermarket and mass retail formats would be there yet again with ‘lights on, doors open’ to help America persevere. That message continues to ring true, and pharmacies are only enhancing their ability to help meet the health and wellness needs of Americans and to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations for products and for the shopping experience,” Anderson wrote.

Regarding NACDS’ members unique ability to meet Americans’ health and wellness needs, Anderson said:

“Now, 2021 will be an extraordinary year with pharmacies central to an historic COVID-19 vaccination initiative. By conservative estimates, pharmacies can deliver at least 100 million vaccinations per month. Of critical importance, pharmacies are ideally positioned to help reach those in rural and urban settings alike who are underserved and who have been subjected to healthcare disparities.”

Anderson also noted the industry’s advancements throughout the store and as a result of collaboration with supplier partners:

“The pandemic has accelerated NACDS members’ advancement in areas such as technology and meeting and exceeding consumers’ expectations for delivery and pickup options – including contactless offerings. Some retail pharmacy chains report an acceleration in technology-empowered programs by as much as three years. As a result, retail stores with pharmacies can emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic among the most dynamic segments of the economy.”

NACDS’ focus on a pro-patient, pro-pharmacy policy agenda also remains a top priority, according to Anderson. “To ensure pharmacies are leveraged completely to meet our society’s needs now and into the future, NACDS will continue to advocate for modernized and sustained government policies that remove unnecessary barriers. The level of preparedness that has been achieved in public policy should not be rolled back,” Anderson said.

NACDS also has engaged with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce throughout the pandemic as part of a collaborative strategy to help re-open America. In October 2020, NACDS participated in programs held by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the importance of flu vaccinations to prevent a “twindemic” with flu and COVID-19.


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