NACDS makes recommendations to ensure COVID-19 booster shot access

In a letter to the Biden Administration, the organization conveyed recommendations to help ensure that eligible individuals can efficiently and effectively access additional COVID-19 doses at their local pharmacies.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The National Association of Chain Drug Stores recently submitted a letter to the Biden Administration conveying recommendations that would help ensure that the eligible public can efficiently and effectively access additional COVID-19 doses at their local pharmacies.

The letter comes as the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices considers the potential for additional COVID-19 vaccination doses or future boosters, and as the Food and Drug Administration authorized additional doses of COVID-19 shots for immunocompromised individuals.

NACDS recommended the following in its letter to the Administration — to help facilitate public understanding and continue to build vaccine confidence, should additional COVID-19 doses be recommended:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ACIP should develop clear public messaging on eligibility criteria for immunocompromised individuals, and any other populations, for purposes of additional COVID-19 vaccination dose(s) or future booster(s);
  • CDC, ACIP and Health and Human Services should expressly expect all jurisdictions to abide by and maintain the federal eligibility criteria and federal reporting requirements related to additional dose(s) or booster(s) of COVID-19 vaccines;
  • Should only one product be recommended for additional dose(s) or booster(s), CDC and ACIP should provide flexibility for instances when the primary vaccination series or manufacturer is unknown or cannot be readily confirmed. Additionally, ACIP and CDC should support the ability for patients to self-attest to the manufacturer of their primary series, should the vaccine provider not have immediate access to that information; and 
  • CDC, ACIP and HHS should expressly expect that prescribers across the nation align with ACIP eligibility criteria for additional dose(s) or booster(s) of COVID-19 vaccinations authorized under Emergency Use Authorizations.