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NACDS, NASPA take flu shot awareness campaign to state lawmakers


The National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations this week are encouraging state legislators to help sustain the momentum behind a critical public health message: getting the flu vaccination this year is critical to prevent a perfect storm of flu and COVID-19 that could harm patients and communities.

NACDS will be highly visible at the National Conference of State Legislatures Base Camp 2020, a new online experience being held Sept. 15-17. The event includes sessions on top issues that state legislatures must face, including the budget, economy, transportation, energy and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NACDS wants to help and encourage state legislators to convey to their constituents the critical importance of getting the flu vaccination. It is especially important this year to help prevent a two-front public health war with flu and COVID-19,” said NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson. “Localizing this message is very important and the leadership of state legislators who are close to their communities can make a real difference. Pharmacists, who are among the most trusted and accessible healthcare professionals and who serve as the face of neighborhood healthcare, are here to help.”

The organization also has released English and Spanish video ads designed to spread that critical public health message. An online toolkit makes it easy for patient groups, allied healthcare associations, businesses, government, and others to sign up as partners and to use the ads, polling data, social media resources and more. NACDS also is spreading the word through interviews on television and radio stations across the country.

NASPA, whose mission is to enhance the success of state pharmacy associations in their efforts to advance the profession of pharmacy, is contributing its leadership to flu-vaccination communications.

“As partners in public health, state pharmacy associations are encouraging all pharmacists to actively engage with and educate their patients on the importance of getting a flu shot based on CDC recommendations. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers for flu shots and great resources for information on all recommended vaccines and other public health needs across the lifespan,” said NASPA executive vice president/CEO Rebecca Snead.

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