NACDS praises Maine law broadening access to pharmacist-provided care

The newly-enacted law recognizes pharmacists as healthcare providers in Maine
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The National Association of Chain Drug Stores is recognizing the enactment of Legislative Document (LD) 603.

This piece of legislation, which will help enhance patients access to convenient and affordable pharmacy-based care by recognizing pharmacists as providers of healthcare services in the state of Maine, was signed by the states governor, Janet Mills on June 10.

The new law amends the definition of the term “pharmacist” and “practice of pharmacy” in the Maine Pharmacy Act, modernizing the current healthcare infrastructure by recognizing the services available at pharmacies and engaging the full pharmacy team.

“NACDS thanks Governor Mills, State Senator Heather Sanborn, D and the Maine Legislature for advancing crucial legislation which will help broaden Mainers’ access to affordable and quality preventive care,” said NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson. “NACDS is also applauding the Retail Association of Maine and the Maine Pharmacy Association for their strong support and successful efforts in getting the bill signed into law. The creation of additional touchpoints for coordinated, collaborative care is a win for the people of Maine — especially for those living in medically underserved and rural areas in the state. The passage and enactment of LD 603 is an important step in ensuring that pharmacists are recognized as providers of the healthcare services they already provide.”