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NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN opens enrollment for Community Pharmacy Fellowship

The Community Pharmacy Fellowship is a 12-month online educational program for pharmacists practicing in a CPESN pharmacy, with a focus on clinical services.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Enrollment currently is underway for the NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship, sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, and continues through July 31. The program, which will be in its second year, begins Sept. 1.

“You don’t have to be a recent pharmacy graduate to learn the latest in innovative patient care,” said NCPA Innovation Center president Kurt Proctor. “With the NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship program, the most pioneering minds in our industry mentor fellows through the process of building enhanced services over the course of their fellowship year. These mentors give the fellow unprecedented access to how they’ve achieved success by going beyond dispensing to open up new revenue streams for their own community pharmacies so that the fellows can do the same at their pharmacies.”

The Community Pharmacy Fellowship is an intensive 12-month online educational program for individual pharmacists practicing in a CPESN pharmacy, focusing on the implementation of enhanced clinical services with the goal of transforming as many practices as possible, as quickly as possible. The fellowship instructors are industry-leading owners and pharmacists who are sharing their practical experience in growing profitable clinical services, providing the background, guidance, and encouragement to make transforming pharmacy practices a reality.

“Providing clinical services that are intrinsically linked to the surrounding community is the future of independent community pharmacy,” said Jenni Zilka, senior vice president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Field Programs & Services. “This program gives independents the opportunity to establish and accelerate transformative initiatives with fresh talent and perspective, and we cannot wait to see what comes from this year’s program.”

The core curriculum of the Community Pharmacy Fellowship will address practice transformation, management, and patient care. Topics covered during educational sessions include implementation science, the appointment-based model, immunizations, behavioral health, opioid use disorder, asthma/COPD updates, and collaborative practice agreements.

“Payers like their innovations, but they need scale,” said CPESN USA executive director Troy Trygstad. “This fellowship program is a key component to our collective lifelong education opportunities. Fellows get a backstage tour of the best pharmacies in the country at a cultural, operational, and strategic level. They get to see how they tick and share resources to bring their pharmacies along for the ride. This is a gamechanger going forward for how we train pharmacists to provide optimal patient care and express their value in the marketplace.”

Learn more about the Community Pharmacy Fellowship, its requirements, and how to enroll here.