New cbdMD sleep offering rolled out for National Sleep Day

David Salazar
Managing Editor

CBD brand cbdMD is unveiling a new line aimed at helping consumers sleep as part of National Sleep Day, March 13. The Charlotte, N.C.-based company is launching CBD PM Softgel Capsules, which includes cbdMD’s broad-spectrum formula alongside such ingredients as melatonin, chamomile and valerian root in its proprietary sleep formula. 

The launch of the softgels complements CBD PM Tinctures that cbdMD launched last year — and which was among the 2020 Product of the Year winners in the CBD Sleep Aids category. The capsules contain 16.5 mg of CBD plus 3 mg of melatonin per capsule. They are sold in 30- and 60-count bottles. 

As part of the launch, cbdMD also has rolled out a “Sleep Better” campaign to highlight some of the causes of sleeplessness among consumers and highlight products for sleep and relaxation, as well as share educational materials. 

“Healthy sleep habits are an essential part of living every day to the fullest. Unfortunately, it’s one of several wellness topics that simply doesn’t get enough attention,” said Caryn Dunayer, president and co-founder of cbdMD. “With the launch of CBD PM Softgel Capsules and our ‘Sleep Better’ campaign, we hope to strengthen education while providing practical solutions to common everyday challenges.”

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