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CBD Move Free adds new pocket-sized balm to its line

CBD Move Free 350

CBD Move Free has launched a new pocket-sized balm to give users relief on the go.

Developed to be more affordable and provide users with a travel-size option, CBD Move Free 350 mg is a smaller version of the brand’s original CBD-infused balm, designed to fit into any pocket or purse for on-the-go relief of joint and muscle aches. CBD Move Free is also expanding its retail presence, announcing that leading grocery chain Market of Choice will now carry select products.

“We’re very excited to be expanding our brand in various ways, from adding new products to onboarding new retail partners,” said CEO and co-founder Jonas Roeser. “As we develop new products and work with more retailers, we wanted to create a high-quality product without the high price tag that comes with so many other CBD products. We’re thrilled to announce our newest product that provides a solution to the high price point and also gives our retail partners a product that’s perfectly suited for shelves.”

The new balm comes in a 2-oz. size and retails for $19.99, enabling consumers to bring CBD Move Free with them anywhere to fight inflammation and calm joint discomfort or muscle aches at a moment’s notice. The product is created from a blend of key nutrients and organic ingredients, according to CBD Move Free.


SmartSense by Digi assembles healthcare advisory board

a board room filled with furniture and a large window

SmartSense by Digi, part of Digi International, and a leading global provider of Internet of Things connectivity solutions, launched a new healthcare advisory board.

Designed to help healthcare organizations mitigate operational risk, streamline standard operating procedures and simplify compliance, the board also looks to work towards empowering, engaging and educating customers on the increasing sophistication of IoT healthcare solutions, leading to improved efficiency, patient care and safety.

“The SmartSense Healthcare Advisory Board marks an important milestone in the transformational growth for our company,” said Guy Yehiav, president of SmartSense by Digi. “The board features a diverse range of expertise drawn from some of the brightest minds in healthcare, technology, supply-chain management, patient care, pharmaceuticals and more. These distinguished industry leaders will provide insights and recommendations to healthcare organizations, enabling them to more effectively leverage IoT solutions that overcome industry challenges.”

The board will be chaired by James Langabeer, a professor of healthcare informatics and decision sciences at a major academic medical center and founder of Yellowstone Research, a boutique strategy consultancy specializing in competitive intelligence and market research for the healthcare industry.

Inaugural members include:

  • Keith Perry, senior vice president and CIO of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he oversees enterprise IT strategy and execution;
  • Richard McFee, chief of supply chain management at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He specializes in logistics and supply chain management, hospital support services, biomedical services and care compliance management;
  • Summer Kerley, vice president of clinical services and business development for Rite Aid. She oversees clinical pharmacy initiatives that enhance the ability to deliver a higher level of patient care; and
  • Andy Draper, CIO of HCA Continental division. In addition to his CIO duties, he has been a three-time entrepreneur and self-described sherpa for more than 12 health tech firms. He specializes in data sources, methods and technology for the plant’s journey to carbon zero.

“Many organizations have only just dipped their toes into the many opportunities that advanced technologies, like IoT, can bring to their healthcare organizations,” said Langabeer. “I’m eager to work with the other members of the board and the SmartSense team to help the industry maximize the full potential of these technologies, helping organizations improve better patient care and streamline operations.”


Coffee Mate expands coffee creamer selection with almond, oat milk options

coffee mate almond and oat milk creamers

Coffee Mate, for the first time in its 50-year history, is debuting plant-based milk creamers.

The brand’s new almond and oat milk creamers, which come in French vanilla and caramel options, combine the brand’s signature flavors with the smooth and blended base of oat and almond milk, the company said.

“As creamer fans continue to seek variety, both in flavor and ingredients, it was only natural for Coffee Mate to step into the plant space,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé senior director of brand marketing and leader of the creamer business unit. “Now everyone can have the best of both worlds — the delicious taste of Coffee Mate, featuring plant-based ingredients.”

Coffee Mate’s Plant-Based Almond and Oat Milk French Vanilla Flavored Creamer are non-dairy, lactose and cholesterol free, and contain notes of classic French vanilla.

The brand’s Plant-Based Almond and Oat Milk Caramel Flavored Creamer feature a buttery caramel flavor with notes of almond and oat milk mixed in.

Both of Coffee Mate’s new almond and oat milk-based creamers are available in a 28-oz. size.


Hyland’s Naturals intros 3 new products

hyland's naturals baby

Hyland’s Naturals is introducing Baby Cough & Immune Daytime and Kids Cough & Mucus Daytime + Nighttime.

All Hyland’s Naturals remedies are allergen free, cruelty-free, paraben free and alcohol free; vegetarian-friendly; and contain no artificial colorings or dyes, the company said.

Hyland’s Naturals Baby Cough & Immune Daytime is a Walmart exclusive. The product is intended to help soothe baby’s cough from a dry, irritated throat while promoting healthy immune function. 

Key ingredients include organic elderberry, a botanical known for its dark purple berries; organic agave, a syrup produced from a succulent plant known to soothe coughs and dry scratchy throats; and organic pomegranate, a fruit juice know for antioxidant support.

Hyland’s Naturals Kids Cough & Mucus Daytime will be available on and Amazon, as well as at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Key ingredients include bryonia alba, a wild vine in the gourd family used to provide relief from sore throat and mucus in throat and cough, and pulsatilla, a spring-blooming flower that helps aid fussiness and relieve coughs and stuffy noses by clearing up the accumulation of mucus.

Hyland’s Naturals Kids Cough & Mucus Nighttime will be available on and Amazon, as well as at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and CVS.

Key ingredients include chamomile, a small, daisy-like flower used medicinally since antiquity, soothing relief of irritability, insomnia and restlessness; and pulsatilla, a spring-blooming flower that helps aid fussiness and relieve coughs and stuffy noses by clearing up the accumulation of mucus. 


Harrington Wellness, NBPA team up

cbd topicals teaser

Re+Play, the performance-based wellness and recovery line of Harrington Wellness, has formed a multi-year partnership with The National Basketball Players Association, or NBPA, and will sell its recovery-promoting products at Amazon and Walmart.

The multi-year product development plan brings products to the masses, including topicals, kinesiology tape and massage guns, among other naturally infused pain products.

“Re+Play’s partnership with the NBPA will provide consumers with a wealth of trusted, technology-driven products to help them recover like a pro,” said Al Harrington, CEO of Harrington Wellness and former NBPA member.

“As we move into the next phase of the Re+Play brand with our strategic partners at Amazon, the NBPA and Walmart, we are excited to once again reimagine how we help athletes of all levels recover from pain with CBD and other innovative technology,” he said.

The first product release from this new union is a line of recovery creams developed in partnership with Avicanna, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of plant-derived, cannabinoid-based products.

“It was important that we developed a product that was clearly evidence-based and targeted at improving muscle recovery,” said Sanford Kunkel, chief medical officer at Harrington Wellness and Re+Play. “Through our partnership with Avicanna, we were able to develop our line at its R&D headquarters in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center, JLABS, giving us a significant competitive product advantage.’’

This new Re+Play product can be purchased at and will soon be available through the Replay Recovery Store on and


ScriptDrop, Roadie expand partnership to improve access to medication 


ScriptDrop, a healthcare technology company focused on prescription access, and Roadie, a UPS company and crowdsourced delivery platform, are expanding their partnership that began in 2020.

At the time, ScriptDrop needed a nationwide partner that could enable same-day and urgent delivery in a systematic, safe and scalable way.

ScriptDrop has graduated from manually posting delivery requests to Roadies platform to a full API integration, allowing both partners to mutually benefit from a streamlined workflow. Thanks in large part to Roadies reliable network and pre-screened drivers, ScriptDrop has significantly expanded its delivery footprint in all 50 states over the past 12 months, the company said.

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Recently ScriptDrop announced the release of its annual prescription access industry report, Everything Old Is New Again: Social Determinants of Health and the Role of Prescription Delivery in Home Health Care.” This year, the report focuses in part on social determinants of health, which are non-medical factors that affect a persons health. Examples of SDOH are healthcare access and quality, which includes a persons vicinity to healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

ScriptDrop noted that over 40% of U.S. counties are considered pharmacy deserts, or geographic areas without easy access to a pharmacy. Many of these are rural counties. However, disparity exists in cities as well. In urban areas, Black and Latino neighborhoods are much more likely to be pharmacy deserts than primarily white neighborhoods, the company said.

Seventy percent of patients who use ScriptDrop delivery for their recurring prescriptions never miss a delivery and have their meds in hand every month, said Amanda Epp, CEO ofScriptDrop. Its clear that this partnership with Roadie has helped us begin to overcome negative social determinants of health and improve long-term health outcomes. 

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Roadies large, local same-day delivery network and expertise in last-mile logistics have made it possible for ScriptDrop to offer safe, secure, same-day delivery to patients no matter where they live.

When it comes to accessing quality health care, your zip code shouldnt be a barrier to getting what you need, said Marc Gorlin, CEO of Roadie. Fast, frictionless delivery isnt a nice-to-have for many industries; its table stakes. And with ScriptDrop, its a path to more equitable communities. Were proud to work with ScriptDrop to expand healthcare access nationwide.