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M&M’s adds cold brew to milk chocolate candies

M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew

M&M’s is adding a hint of cold brew to its signature milk chocolate candies.

The M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew sweets were formulated to offer consumers a combination of smooth, robust coffee flavors with sweet and chewy caramel, the company said.

“More and more coffee drinkers are exploring new flavor combinations, with cold brew ranking as one of Gen Z’s most purchased drinks. Mars’ M&M’s brand decided to tap into the booming cold brew coffee scene and pair it with a confectionary favorite — caramel,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior marketing director at Mars Wrigley. “The result? A fun twist to an on-trend favorite that delivers an exceptional coffee flavor experience, all within a classic bag of M&M’s — perfect to enjoy on the go while catching up with friends or sharing a taste of the M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew candies to make new ones.”

Consumers can find M&Ms Caramel Cold Brew candies at retailers nationwide beginning in February 2023 in single-size, share-size and sharing-size stand-up pouches with prices ranging from $1.19 to $4.99.


Bausch + Lomb intros Enhanced Ocuvite Adult 50+ eye vitamin with vitamin D

Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite Adult 50+

Bausch + Lomb is unveiling enhanced Ocuvite Adult 50+ eye vitamin with 30 mcg of vitamin D, an antioxidant the company touts as proven to help support healthy cell function, which is key to protecting eye health.

The enhanced Ocuvite vitamin will replace the currently offered Ocuvite Adult 50+.

Daily stressors, including smart phones, sunlight and screens, can impact the eyes, said Joe Gordon, president of global consumer, surgical and vision care at Bausch + Lomb. As people age, the natural filter in the eyes may weaken and leave the eyes more vulnerable to stress, said Joe Gordon, president of global consumer, surgical and vision care at Bausch + Lomb.

The enhanced Ocuvite with vitamin D builds upon our original Ocuvite Adult 50+ vitamin to help replenish key nutrients that help protect the health of the eyes, particularly as people age, he said. We are committed to finding ways to enhance our portfolio to continue to address the evolving needs of eye care professionals and patients.

Many multivitamins do not have all three essential eye health nutrients —lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3s — in the right levels to properly support eye health. Additionally, 42% of Americans have insufficient levels of vitamin D1, which is important for eye health.

Many people do not realize that the eyes lose key nutrients as they age, which can leave them vulnerable to environmental and other daily stressors and lead to eye health issues, said Jeffry Gerson of  Grin Eye Care in Kansas City, Mo. I am pleased to recommend the new enhanced Ocuvite with vitamin D to my patients to ensure their eyes are provided the ingredients they need to help counteract the stressors in our daily lives.

The enhanced Ocuvite with vitamin D will be available at major retailers nationwide in the vitamin aisle starting in October, with a suggested retail price of $12.85 in a 50-count bottle.


McKesson extends pharmaceutical distribution agreement with CVS Health


McKesson has signed an agreement in principle to extend its partnership with CVS Health to distribute pharmaceuticals to mail order, specialty pharmacies, retail pharmacies and distribution centers through June 2027.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with CVS Health and value the shared commitment of improving health outcomes for all patients,” said Brian Tyler, CEO of McKesson. “We are privileged to extend our partnership of more than 20 years to continue developing value propositions for patients utilizing our diverse set of differentiated assets and capabilities.”


Amylyx obtains FDA nod for Relyvrio

Binder with FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Amylyx Pharmaceuticals’ Relyvrio (sodium phenylbutyrate/taurursodiol) to treat patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease.

"This approval provides another important treatment option for ALS, a life-threatening disease that currently has no cure," said Billy Dunn, director of the Office of Neuroscience in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. "The FDA remains committed to facilitating the development of additional ALS treatments."

ALS is a progressive disease that continues to get worse over time, attacking and killing the nerve cells that control voluntary muscles. Voluntary muscles produce movements such as chewing, walking, breathing and talking. In addition, the disease also causes the nerves to lose the ability to activate specific muscles, which causes the muscles to become weak and leads to paralysis.

Most cases will result in death from respiratory failure, usually within three to five years from when the symptoms first appear. Approximately 5,000 individuals in the United States are diagnosed with ALS annually, and approximately 20,000 Americans are currently living with the disease, the company said. 


Grove Collaborative expands retail presence with CVS Pharmacy partnership

grove collaborative teaser

Sustainable consumer products company Grove Collaborative is making its products even more accessible via a partnership with CVS Pharmacy.

The company announced that its core line of products, including an assortment of zero plastic waste cleaner concentrates, dish soaps and dishwasher detergent packs, are now available online and at more than 2,000 CVS Pharmacy stores. This builds on its recent expansion into Kohl’s, Meijer and Giant Eagle, the brand said.

“By growing our distribution, we’re making it easier for consumers to shop for planet-friendly, high-performing products that do not rely on plastic packaging,” said Stuart Landesberg, co-founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative. “Across the country, as consumers continue to see environmental crises manifest, consumers want zero plastic and sustainable products everywhere. Our latest retail expansion is a testament to our ongoing growth as an omnichannel company, and it is an important milestone for Grove as we continue on our path to transform the consumer products industry into a positive force for human and environmental good.”


Uncrustables debuts meat, cheese bites

uncrustables teaser

J.M. Smucker is expanding its Uncrustables line with a brand-new option that is ideal for school lunches.

“Smucker’s Uncrustables have become a fan favorite,” said Chris Achenbach, director of brand strategy at J.M. Smucker. “Kids and parents love the fun flavors that began with PB&J. To offer an even wider variety, we have now added tasty, wholesome meat and cheese bites that are perfect for the lunchbox.”

The new meat and cheese bites are a no-mess, no-prep handheld sandwich that is filled with quality meat and cheese in soft bread, the iconic food brand said.

Available in two varieties — uncured ham and cheddar as well as turkey and Colby jack — each will come in a product package at retailers in early October.