5-hour Energy sponsors soccer player Oribe Peralta

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Living Essentials, distributors of 5-hour Energy shots, announced that it is sponsoring Mexican soccer star Oribe Peralta, striker for the Mexican National Team and MX Santos Laguna team. This marks the first time 5-hour Energy has worked with a professional soccer player.

"We are thrilled to have Oribe Peralta as part of 5-hour Energy's growing roster of world-class athletes," said Scott Henderson, president of Living Essentials. "With 2014 being a World Cup year, this is an exciting time for us to work with a world-class athlete in this hugely popular sport. We see a lot of promise and future in the Mexican National Team led by Oribe Peralta."

Peralta was a key player on the 2012 Mexican Olympic team, which brought home gold in London after beating Brazil 2-1. He also made history when his first goal — scored in 29 seconds — was the fastest in the Summer Olympics and in any FIFA tournament final. When he's not on the field, Peralta is a devoted husband and father to two young children.

"I've been telling the guys on the field that 5-hour Energy helps me stay alert, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with a much larger audience," Peralta said. "Between traveling all over the world playing soccer and keeping up with my kids, my energy and focus levels must be at their best."
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