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Actavis Totowa to close N.J. plant


NEW YORK Actavis Totowa will temporarily close a manufacturing plant in Falls River, N.J., under a consent decree of permanent injunction agreement with the Food and Drug Administration, Actavis announced Monday.

Under the consent decree, Actavis will not distribute products made at the Falls River plant until it has fulfilled current good manufacturing practice requirements issued by the FDA, which FDA inspections will seek to verify.

The consent decree only affects operations in New Jersey, the company said.

The company said it expects commercial production to resume soon. 

The agreement settles issues that the Department of Justice identified in a complaint filed against Actavis and executives Douglas Boothe and Sigurdur Oli Olafsson. 

"We have been working with the FDA to address compliance issues at the Totowa facilities," Actavis chief legal officer John LaRocca said in a statement. "We will continue to work with the FDA to show that we have addressed all of the agency?s compliance and manufacturing issues."

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