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Ahold chief executive officer touts success in U.S.


AMSTERDAM , Netherlands Ahold chief executive officer John Rishton spoke about his company’s efforts in the United States at the company’s annual general meeting of shareholders. Rishton noted the success of the Value Improvement Program, which it launched at Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover in September 2006.

“The program is designed to give customers better value, better quality, lower prices and a more relevant assortment. The program is on track and we had completed over 70 percent of the roll out by the end of 2007,” said Rishton.

Rishton noted that its Giant-Carlisle stores reported its 51st consecutive quarter of positive ID sales growth and 36th year of record sales and profits. He also noted that Ahold is simplifying its stores at Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover—making its selection more relevant and appealing.

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