Allergan brings on TV host Wendy Williams for IBS campaign


NEW YORK — Allergan has partnered with the American Gastroenterological Association to launch “Toilet Talk” in celebration of IBS Awareness Month. Toilet Talk is a component of a larger corporate initiative to drive awareness for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea. The campaign is intended to reduce the stigma associated with talking about bowel health, and ultimately to empower patients to proactively discuss their bowel function with their healthcare professional.

At the center of this multimedia campaign is a bold video created in partnership with celebrity entrepreneur and Daytime Emmy-nominated talk show host, Wendy Williams. Allergan will host an event in New York City about the topic on April 12.

"By elevating and normalizing conversations around bowel health, Allergan and the AGA believe Toilet Talk will empower patients to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking with their healthcare professional," said Aimee Lenar, VP, Gastroenterology. "No one should suffer because they are too embarrassed to talk about their IBS-D symptoms."

As many as 16 million Americans are affected by IBS-D. According to the "IBS in America" survey, nearly four in 10 patients waited three or more years before seeing a healthcare professional about their symptoms.

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