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Allergy a-wear-ness


UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. — A new line of products from AllerMates is helping parents of children with allergies better protect kids against exposure to unwanted allergens. AllerMates, a line of bright, fun, whimsical character-driven wristbands, dog tags and lunch boxes feature 14 original characters that help alert teachers and caregivers to a child’s allergies.

The characters represent the most common allergies (e.g., peanut, nut, gluten/wheat, milk, egg, shellfish, penicillin, insect sting, latex, pollen, fish, soy, sesame and cat) and are designed to be fun and positive. The line is supported by a website that offers tips and general information about allergies, as well fun games and activities based on the characters. Wristbands and dog tags retail for $6.99, lunch boxes sell for $19.99.

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