Amazon's shopping app 'Flow' makes online shopping easier


NEW YORK — The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch on Friday featured Amazon's shopping app "Flow," which enables consumers to add an item to their shopping cart after scanning the product with their smartphone's camera. 

It can be used as a sort of "showrooming" tool or it can be used at home in place of drafting a shopping list — just scan, click and ship. 

According to Amazon, the latest 2.1.1 for Android allows users to scan multiple items at once — Flow now recognizes multiple items in a single view. "With Flow you can identify tens of millions of products, including books, DVDs and packaged household items like a box of cereal or a box of tissues."

A version 2.2.1 also can be downloaded from the iTunes store for Apple products.

Flow’s History feature gives the user access to all their scanned items, sorted by date, product category, item name or scan type.

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