As America changes, the best brands change with it

In April, Drug Store News and Mack Elevation will host the third annual New General Market Forum in Minneapolis. The exclusive thought-leadership platform brings together leading CPG companies that share a common purpose — to connect on an emotional level, building community and advocacy with an ever-more diverse consumer.

Who is the New General Market? The New General Market is a mind-set, not a consumer segment. It is not so much about just understanding the multicultural or millennial shopper, but also about the influence these groups are having on consumers as a whole. Serving the New General Market is about ignoring demographics in favor of psychographics, needs and values.

The April 4 New General Market Summit will examine how winning brands are adopting new needs, motivations and practices within their organizations, and building stronger customer relationships through personalization, custom solutions and a seamless omnichannel experience.

DSN and Mack Elevation have assembled a special group of thought-leading executives for the April 4 event, representing some of the most progressive companies in the industry, who will discuss and examine how their organizations are leveraging digital, mobile and social platforms to reach and better serve today’s diverse consumer.

Sundial Brands CEO Rich Dennis, recently named to Fast Company magazine’s annual list of the Most Creative People in business, will discuss the company’s organizational purpose and its social vision for community commerce.

Executives from Unilever will talk about new insights the company is uncovering as part of its ongoing effort to build more purpose-driven brands.

Eric Ryan, co-founder of both the Method and Olly brands, will talk about the “birth process” for innovation for today’s consumer.

And Target senior director of health care and optical John Peine will examine the strategic benefits of creating personalized, customized omnichannel solutions to target the New General Market consumer.

Participants in the April 4 New General Market Summit will help define the best practices of brands that are winning in this space. Highlights from the event will be featured in a series of DSN special reports later this year, both digitally and in print.

The days of transactional business are over; brands must connect heart and soul.

That is why DSN and Mack Elevation have created the New General Market Summit — to explore what the best brands are doing to emotionally connect with today’s shopper, building community and advocacy with their diverse consumer bases.

To find out more about how your company can participate, contact me at [email protected].

Rob Eder is associate publisher/editor-in-chief of Drug Store News.
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