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American Greetings introduces entertaining Talking Heads to the card aisle


CLEVELAND American Greetings introduced its new Talking Heads greeting card collection.

The line of 27 cards features quirky, cute and famous faces that let out multiple funny sound bites, sure to surprise and delight. Featured faces range from Abraham Lincoln to the familiar voices from the cartoon cast of “South Park.” No matter what the occasion, these talking, singing, rhyming, pledging, toasting, barking card characters are sure to set the perfect tone.

"Consumers love to find new ways to share a laugh, and with Talking Heads they have a quirky way to celebrate any sense of humor," said Carol Miller, executive director of new product concepts at American Greetings. "The cards are a lot of fun, and we think shoppers will enjoy picking them out just as much as sending them."

Consumers can find the Talking Heads at participating drug chains, grocery stores and supercenters nationwide, as well as in American Greetings and Carlton Cards retail stores. To listen to all the available wisecracks, visit

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