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'America's Biggest Health Fair' rebranded 'Walmart Wellness Day' in new video campaign


BENTONVILLE, Ark. - "America's Biggest Health Fair" has been rebranded "Walmart Wellness Day" in a series of YouTube videos heralding an event that last year delivered more than 300,000 health screenings and 50,000 immunizations.

"Meet Walmart pharmacist, Kevin Goins," the YouTube descriptor reads. "He and many other pharmacists can help you learn more about your health and wellness during your Walmart visit. Get free blood pressure and glucose screenings, low-cost immunizations and more at Walmart Wellness Day on October 15th from noon to 4pm."

The video campaign personalizes the healthcare available at Walmart pharmacy, sharing that "there's so much technology, not everyone gets that human interaction. At Walmart pharmacies, you're important, we see you and welcome you in."

The video campaign also reaches out to the Hispanic community, alerting them of the value-added health screenings Walmart will deliver Oct. 15 with a Spanish-language video.

The company is preparing to build on the success of last year's event. "Based on public health models, we estimate that nearly 7,000 customers learned that they had high blood pressure, and 3,000 customers learned that they might be diabetic," Alex Hurd, senior director product development, growth and payer innovation at Walmart health and wellness, shared with Drug Store News in a blog published earlier this year.  "We also received hundreds of stories of customers for whom the screenings represented a wake-up call and who, in many cases, sought out additional medical professionals for follow-up."
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