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Are the final chapters of the age of big-box retailing upon us?


WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT — DSN noted that 2012 would be the year more big-box retailers committed to “going small” and, while we may hate to toot our own horn, we are going to do it anyway.

(THE NEWS: Supercenters rule, but small formats to accelerate for Walmart. For the full story, click here)

As previously reported by Drug Store News, such big box retailers as Walmart, Target and Meijer have developed smaller-format stores, and we predicted at the end of 2011 that the industry would see this trend continue into 2012, especially as retailers look to further meet the needs of consumers residing in “food deserts.”

Well, that prediction is ringing true.

Earlier this year, Target unveiled its new, smaller urban format — dubbed CityTarget — that would enable it to become a factor in the big cities. Now WMT is committing to more small stores over the next few years. By year end, Walmart expects to be operating a total of 12 Express stores.

With trips to supercenters down in recent years, do you think these are the final chapters of the age of big-box retailing?


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