Armorteria launches child-size wristband that doubles as sanitizer dispenser


DENVER — Armorteria showcased its Halo Sani-Cuffs, a child-size wristband with a small, refillable reservoir for hand sanitizer, at the recent NACDS Marketplace conference here earlier this week.

"Studies have shown that close proximity to cleaning facilities [goes] a long way to maintaining cleanliness, especially in a child," the company stated. "It's common knowledge that the last thing [children] want to do after playing in the school yard is spend time washing their hands, especially if where they wash their hands is far away from their place of play."

Halo Sani-Cuffs come in many different colors with different designs on the surface, showing different characters and their interaction with different strands of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. That feature also serves to educate the child of the types of bacteria and viruses out there and what kids can do to avoid them, the company noted.

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