Ascensia, higi team with ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ for Diabetes Challenge

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Ascensia Diabetes Care is partnering with “The Dr. Oz Show” to launch a 60-Day “Take Charge” Diabetes Challenge. Ascensia is sponsoring the challenge, which is designed to increase awareness of diabetes among the general public and help to encourage better management of the condition. It will launch during the April 26 episode of The Dr. Oz Show and focuses on the importance of testing blood glucose levels regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.

Challenge participants who have diabetes will use Ascensia’s Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitoring System to monitor their blood glucose, and all participants will use higi, the largest self-screening network in the nation, to monitor weight and body mass index.

“Diabetes is a big issue in the United States. It’s reaching epidemic levels,” Rob Schumm, VP managing director of Ascensia Diabetes Care U.S., told Drug Store News. “As an organization, we have been committed to supporting awareness and raising awareness of diabetes in general as a condition and it’s importance to public health, as well as importance of glucose monitoring, and having tools that make that process easier for them. Dr. Oz has enthusiasm for this topic and an audience of engaged patients who are interested in improving their health. So [sponsoring the show] seemed like a great fit.”

According to Schumm, there are two parts of the challenge. Prior to the airing of The Dr. Oz Show, a group of 60 people who signed up for the challenge ahead of time, some of whom will talk about their results on the show, as well as an invitation by Dr. Oz on the show to invite people to take part in a broader challenge.

“Our goal is to create awareness of diabetes in general, among people with diabetes, the importance of monitoring your blood sugar, and engaging with those results,” said Schumm.

Regarding higi, Schumm noted weight management is an important aspect in preventing and managing diabetes. “Through discussions with The Dr. Oz Show, it became clear that as part of that challenge, tracking weight would be a component. So The Dr. Oz Show facilitated a relationship with higi, which captures blood pressure, pulse and weight and connect that [information] through digital means. It’s a very good way for a challenge like this to capture those measures.”

According to the American Diabetes Association, type 2 diabetes can include any of the following: Urinating often; feeling very thirsty; feeling very hungry even though you are eating; extreme fatigue; blurry vision cuts/bruises that are slow to heal; and tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands/feet.

Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global specialist diabetes care company, dedicated to helping people living with diabetes.

Higi owns and operates the largest FDA-cleared self-screening health station network in the United States with nearly 11,000 stations located in food, drug and mass market retailers.
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