Aura Cacia launches natural electric air freshener


URBANA, Iowa Aura Cacia is introducing a line of new electric aromatherapy air fresheners for home and office, using 100% pure essential oils to provide fragrance. The full ingredient deck on the packaging – not always provided on scented products – assures consumers that only natural ingredients are used for fragrance.

“People are becoming more sensitive to synthetic fragrances and are looking for natural alternative scents for their homes, as well as products that fit their scent preferences and design style,” said Jane Merten, senior brand manager at Aura Cacia. “The 100% pure essential oils used in our sleek, attractive diffusers provide aromatherapy benefits to help create a special atmosphere that's unique to each freshener.”

The air freshener is available in four appealing aromas, including: Relaxing Lavender, Refreshing Lime & Grapefruit, Uplifting Bergamot & Orange and Comforting Spices & Clove.

The package, which includes both the essential oil blend and the heating unit, retails for $14.99. The refill units are interchangeable with the electric diffuser and retail for $6.99. All items are available on the Aura Cacia Web site at or any natural retailer that carries Aura Cacia products.

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