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Avella moves into new headquarters


PHOENIX, Ariz. — Avella Specialty Pharmacy moved into its new 50,000-square-foot corporate headquarters here.

According to Avella, the move allows the company to conduct its clinical, operational and administrative processes under one roof while maintaining greater scalability for future growth.

"While this new location is just literally blocks away from our previous headquarters, its impact on our operations and market positioning is far-reaching," said Rebecca Shanahan, CEO of Avella. "One of the biggest challenges Avella has faced to date is the limitations placed on our growth because of space and facility constraints. Now that this is no longer an issue, we can continue to expand our national footprint, serving more patients across the country with powerful therapies and collaborating with large hospitals, health systems and physician groups."

The new Phoenix headquarters includes an 8,000-square-foot clean room that is nearly three times the space available at Avella’s previous location. Clean rooms are designed to meet quality control metrics intended to drive sterile, safe development of compounded drugs. Hence, via this expansion, Avella will be able to increase its processing capacity to 10,000 prescriptions per day.

This news comes on the heels of two Avella acquisitions announcements. The company signed agreements to purchase Texas-based provider of compounded sterile preparations Advanced Pharma, and Oncology Plus, a provider of patient-specific chemotherapy admixtures. 

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