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Bartell debuts ‘Vial of LIFE’


SEATTLE Bartell Drugs is teaming with the Medic One Foundation for a new program called Vial of LIFE, which provides customers with a safe and convenient way to store vital medical information.

All 56 Bartell stores in Washington are selling the Vial of LIFE (Lifesaving Information for Emergencies) in stores for just $1, with more than half the proceeds going to the Medic One Foundation. The 5-inch plastic vials are designed to hold medical history and prescription forms, giving emergency responders access to vital information when a person is ill or unconscious.

“The Vial of LIFE Program is designed to speak for you when you are unable to speak … and assist emergency medical personnel in administering the proper treatment,” said Jan Sprake, executive director of the Medic One Foundation.

Customers are directed to store the Vial of LIFE in a refrigerator, a place paramedics and other emergency personnel are trained to check upon arrival at a residence.

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