Beauty crisis smoothed over with hair-removal products


No woman wants to find herself in a hairy situation, and manufacturers are heeding the call by churning out innovative hair-removal products that promise a quicker, pain-free process that delivers silky, smooth results.

In fact, a survey commissioned by Tria Beauty, a maker of a high-end laser hair-removal system, found that most women (93%) “feel more beautiful” when their unwanted hair has been removed and “enjoy the silky, smooth feeling” of their skin (97%). For the study, Zoomerang randomly sampled 1,000 women ages 18 to 49 via an online questionnaire.

While Tria, through its beauty survey, was promoting its pricey ($800) laser hair-removal system, the findings come as no surprise. However, most women—especially in light of today’s economy—will opt for a much cheaper solution, which bodes well for the mass market.

For women who prefer wax or hair-removal formulas, Coty’s Sally Hansen brand developed several new hair remover products. The Naturally Bare crème hair remover for body is a patented micro-bead formula with moisture-lift Jojoba beads that “prop up” hair so the remover works deeply for better results. To remove hair from such little places as toes, knuckles, belly and facial areas, there’s the new Naturally Bare waxing strips for faces and little spaces. The water-rinseable wax strips are pre-cut and pre-sized and are made on naturally derived PLA film.

The Sensitive Skin spray-on shower-off hair remover works to remove hair in as little as three minutes by spraying, waiting and rinsing away. The product has a 360-degree spray to reach those hard-to-reach places. The formula also features a hair growth inhibitor to help reduce the appearance of growth over time.

Nair, a Church & Dwight product, has unveiled several new hair-removal products. Nair has developed the new Shower Power sensitive formula. There’s also the new Nair exfoliator for legs and body. The 3-in-1 formula exfoliates skin, removes hair and moisturizes for soft, smooth skin.

For removing hair on the face, Nair has introduced a new Precision face and upper lip kit, which is comprised of a hair remover cream and rebalancing moisturizer. Results are expected to last up to three weeks. Meanwhile, a new formula of Nair face wax strips features cool mint strips and soothing wipes for added comfort.

In addition, Procter & Gamble has expanded its successful Venus shaving system portfolio with the recent launch of several new products, including the Satin Care lavendar kiss shae gel and Venus disposables tropical razors, which come in a multipack of three tropical-inspired colors (bright yellow, pink and green) and have a fresh-scented handle.

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