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BestAir Trash Dash eliminates odors from trash, recycling receptacles


HAMPSHIRE, Ill. — A remedy for odors that lurk in trash cans has entered the market.

Trash Dash, a new item marketed under the BestAir brand, is a sodium bicarbonate-based product that is designed to enhance indoor air quality and add a fresh scent to trash or recycling containers by absorbing odors.

"BestAir Trash Dash uses a proprietary odor neutralizing technology that reacts with and attaches to the odor molecules in refuse containers to eliminate odors that are often right under your nose," said Daniel Schuld, president and CEO of RPS Products, which manufactures the BestAir brand. "Not only does Trash Dash offer a new way to maintain pleasant interior air quality, it also allows consumers to fill their expensive garbage bags to capacity without the worry of lingering trash odors in the home."

Available in citrus burst or lavender vanilla scents, BestAir Trash Dash is available in 8-oz. containers and carries a suggested retail price range of $3.99 to $4.49.

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