Bic introduces FlameDisk to market


SHELTON, Conn. — Bic has introduced a charcoal alternative for grilling.

Bic said its FlameDisk product provides a steady flame for approximately 35 to 45 minutes, cooking at about the same rate as charcoal. Once the fuel burns out of FlameDisk’s aluminum container, it will rapidly cool, allowing for convenient disposal with no ashes or soot to clean up. The product fits in most charcoal grills and is convenient and portable, the company added.

"Consumers are going to enjoy using the BIC FlameDisk, which uses ethanol as its main fuel ingredient, because of the convenience the product provides," said Sherri Gasparon, lighter marketing brand manager for Bic Consumer Products USA. "It heats up quickly and is cleaner than charcoal — from the initial setup of the product right through its cleanup."

The suggested retail price for FlameDisk is $4.99 for one disk.

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