Bic launches YouTube video to support new Hybrid Advance 4 razors


SHELTON, Conn. — Bic Consumer Products USA has announced the launch of an interactive video, the Hybrid Collider, on YouTube, in support of its newest men’s razor, the Bic Hybrid Advance 4.

The Bic Hybrid Advance 4 razor is the brand’s newest introduction to its men’s shaving portfolio and offers the convenience of replaceable cartridges combined with the value of a disposable razor.


This razor features four blades, a textured handle for added control, a pivoting head and a lubricating strip that contains aloe and vitamin E. Each package of Bic Hybrid Advance 4 contains one disposable razor handle and four cartridges. Once the cartridges have been used, just start again with a new package. The suggested retail price for a package of the Bic Hybrid Advance 4 is $7.49.


The interactive video introduces viewers to the main character, Danbob Smith-Jones, who brings them into his garage to see his newly created machine, the Hybrid Collider. Danbob urges viewers to type in two words to form a “hybrid.” Viewers will experience the collision of the two words, which results in a variety of funny video outcomes from outside Danbob’s garage.


“Our male consumers will enjoy interacting with these videos to see what hilarious outcomes the Hybrid Collider produces as a result of the two words that they enter,” stated Mary-Ellen Lacasse, director of shaver marketing for Bic Consumer Products USA. “In addition, Bic is supporting the Bic Hybrid Advance 4 razor through its Bic Razors Facebook page, a variety of online advertising, blogger outreach, sampling and free standing inserts.”

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