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Blueair launches line of connected air purifiers


CHICAGO -- A new series of classic air purifiers featuring iFi-enabled cloud connectivity is hitting store shelves.

Arriving in tandem with National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month, Blueair says its new Classic purifiers deliver a 20% boost in clean air delivery, a sleeker profile and quieter performance.

"October is typically the time of year people start migrating indoors, which is significant because indoor air can be more polluted than outside," said Blake Bobosky, EVP sales and marketing, Blueair North America. "Blueair Classic purifiers can ease the seasonal transition and remove the pollutants and irritants building up in our homes and workspaces – everything from allergens like ragweed to harmful VOCs given off by paints, building products and scented candles."

Coming to stores this month, the new units include the Blueair Classic 205, 405, 505, and 605. All four models are newly equipped with Blueair's built-in clean air intelligence technology that integrates WiFi with the standalone Blueair Aware air monitor to help consumers better understand what is polluting their indoor air and to ensure they speedily remove the contaminants.

The connectivity feature is an added benefit, allowing users to control the purifier through their smart phone or Apple Watch. When linked to the Blueair Friend app and Blueair Aware, consumers can monitor the exact contents of their indoor air and adjust purifier settings remotely.

The new Blueair Classic Family is now available for purchase in the U.S. online and at retailers nationwide. 

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