Botanical Labs launches gluten-free protein liquid supplement


FERNDALE, Wash. — Botanical Labs on Wednesday launched its certified gluten-free Protein Complete liquid dietary supplement that is fortified with 10 g of protein per 1-oz. serving.

Wellesse Protein Complete and the entire Wellesse line of supplements target:

  • Consumers requiring rapid absorption and ease of dosing in liquid nutritional sources during critical recovery and ongoing malabsorption maintenance, following bariatric surgery and other medical procedures;

  • Consumers seeking the added variety of a liquid in their nutritional supplementation regimen to help maintain daily compliance;

  • Dietitians and clinicians seeking high-quality alternative forms of supplemental nutrition to increase patient compliance with affordable and convenient supplementation; and

  • Individuals undergoing hemodialysis due to chronic kidney disease (stages two through 4) that require more protein intake than normal, according to the American Association of Kidney Patients, due to loss of protein during treatment.

Botanical Labs noted that weight-loss surgery patients, individuals undergoing hemodialysis and stages 2 through 4 chronic kidney disease and other conditions causing protein deficiency require increased daily protein intake. The fast-absorbing 100% hydrolyzed collagen protein used in Wellesse Protein Complete, allows for more rapid absorption of all key amino acids and provides a quality source of protein supplementation.

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