Brillo Estracell launches heavy duty scrub sponge with Wedge Edge


WALLED LAKE, Mich. — Armaly announced that its Brillo Estracell's product lineup now includes a sponge that is ideal for removing burnt-on, stuck-on foods and grease.

Brillo Estracell has introduced the heavy duty scrub sponge with Wedge Edge includes a patented 30-degree angle shape reaches deeper into hard-to-get-to corners and crevices and easily wipes up dirt and food particles in those trouble areas that can be difficult for traditional sponges with 90-degree corners to reach, making it for the toughest of cleaning projects in and around the home, and also is perfect for projects outside the home as well, including garage and basement workshop cleanups, cold barbeque grills and steel grill tops, the company said.

“This exciting new product combines the best features of some of our most popular products into a single, powerful cleaning tool,” said Jeremy Bakken, spokesperson for Brillo. “The Brillo Estracell heavy duty scrub sponge with Wedge Edge offers consumers powerful scrubbing action for cooked on, caked on messes combined with the advantages of Estracell and a distinctive shape which allows for easy cleaning of those hard-to-get-to areas.”

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