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BURG intros new safety smartwatch


NYACK, N.Y. — BURG, a producer of smartwatch technology, on Monday announced the BURG 31, a standalone phone and safety smartwatch for kids and seniors. The watch lets adults monitor their children and also offers a way to respond rapidly to emergencies involving senior citizens. 

BURG is able to accomplish this through GPS tracking and what it calls the "Find my BURG" feature, which provides one-touch SOS calls, speed dialing of up to three pre-set numbers and a standby battery time of two days. 


The watch is available in eight colors:  light blue, orange, lime, red, pink, navy, gray and black. For seniors, the BURG 31 smartwatch is a more fashion-forward altnerative to what it describes as the  "stereotypical, embarrassing and expensive 'I’ve fallen' pendant." And as an added benefit for parents, the BURG 31 doesn't have an internet browser, eliminating the chance that children to stumble upon trouble on the web. 


The BURG 31, priced at $129, includes a free SIM card, USB to Micro USB cable, 4GB Micro SD card that can be upgraded to 16GB, headphones, watch battery, stylus, Quick Start Guide, band tool and language selector. Consumers can visit for more information on the new product. 

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