C2B Solutions helps healthcare companies more effectively influence patient behavior


CINCINNATI - The Ohio-based start-up C2B Solutions is available to provide key healthcare consumer insights and strategy to help healthcare companies more effectively influence patient behavior, the company announced last week. 


Led by a veteran team of healthcare marketing experts, C2B Solutions uses consumer insights to help businesses improve marketing and patient education, connecting consumers to health care products, services and organizations.


At the core of its products and services is a proprietary segmentation model (patent pending), which classifies consumers according to their motivations regarding health and wellness, with more than 91% predictability, C2B Solutions noted. By having consumers answer a simple set of questions, a healthcare organization can tailor its patient interaction, education and advertising to a consumer’s preferences, increasing the likelihood of success.


“This level of consumer understanding is especially important in today’s changing health care environment, which is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way companies market their products and services,” said C2B Solutions VP and chief marketing officer Brent Walker. “In an environment under the Affordable Care Act where millions of consumers shop for their own coverage, and reimbursement is tied to patient outcomes, healthcare providers need to make sure they understand consumer motivations and how to influence their behavior,” Walker said. “For example, the compensation of many hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations, and health insurance companies is linked to meeting performance requirements against patient satisfaction and quality of care.”


A former marketing executive at Procter & Gamble, Walker said C2B Solutions’ insights and services translate across the healthcare industry, including health insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medicine manufacturers, retail pharmacy and employers. 


C2B Solutions provides the healthcare industry access to:


  • Its psychographic segmentation model for highly targeted and effective consumer engagement;

  • A robust research database with more than 15 million data points on health care consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors; andPublications and presentations of its market research on health care consumers, including patients with specific health conditions. For example, the C2B Consumer Diagnostic is a comprehensive, 625-page reference manual on the U.S. health care consumer based on C2B Solutions’ market research.

Former Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson believes that C2B Solutions can help link the best of both worlds — consumer desires and healthcare resources. From his foreword to the C2B Consumer Diagnostic, “Health care organizations must evolve in this new era by deeply understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors to anticipate what excellence in health care means to them,” Thompson wrote. “Patient care supported by consumer insights will help deliver the standards we expect from the American health care system of tomorrow.”


Not only does C2B Solutions’ proprietary research help companies better understand consumer behavior, it ultimately saves them money and time, Walker said. “We are seeing insurance plans scrambling to attract members on the health insurance exchanges with standardized offerings. We understand how to help them rise above the clutter and help the industry remain nimble and responsive to these changes.”

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