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Camera scopes out perimeters of injuries


ATLANTA IP2Biz announced Friday that it is developing a prototype, non-touch camera that examines wounds to compute their size at a testing facility at the Shepherd Center in Georgia.

The camera fits in the administrator’s hand and includes programming that both charts and records the area of a wound. It does not require contact with the affected area. In addition to aiding treatment, this device is being developed as a method to help provide proof of injury for insurance and damages claims.

Associate professor of applied physiology and industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Stephen Sprigle, led the development of the camera. “We designed the device to address a key and growing need in wound management,” Sprigle said in a statement. “Our goal was to provide a low-cost, easy-to-use device that used the latest technology to provide measurements of the area of the wound.”

The Shepherd Center in Atlanta is a not-for-profit hospital that provides specialized care and rehabilitation.

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