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Cat's Pride introduces lightweight litter formula


CHICAGO — Cat's Pride, manufactured by Oil-Dri Corp. of America, has announced the newest member of its lightweight litter family, Cat's Pride Fresh & Light All Day Odor Control. The new scented, multi-cat scoopable litter is up to 40% lighter and has three times longer-lasting odor control than other leading scoopable clay litters, allowing for less frequent changes, the company stated.

"As the leading lightweight litter, Cat's Pride Fresh & Light is determined to continue meeting the needs of our consumers and help make their cat litter experience better," says Thierry Jean, VP and general manager of the consumer products group of Oil-Dri Corp. of America, which has made Cat's Pride for more than 60 years. "We are proud to offer a quality product that not only has superior performance, but is much lighter and easier for consumers to lift, carry and use."

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light All Day Odor Control joins Cat's Pride family of lightweight litters, including Quick Action and Fragrance-Free Odor Control, both multi-cat litters that are up to 25% lighter than other scoopable clay litters, the company noted. A 15-lb. jug of these litters and a 12-lb. jug of All Day Odor Control provide the same number of uses as 20 lbs. of most other leading scoopable clay brands.

Due to its total odor control and clumping ability, Cat's Pride Fresh & Light works even when a day is missed, and is a low-dust formula to help prevent litter from tracking, stated Oil-Dri. Available nationwide, 12- and 15-lb. jugs of Cat's Pride Fresh & Light retail for $8.50-$9.50.

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