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Certified Specialty Pharmacy testing due date arrives


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board is requesting that applicants for its credentialing program for specialty pharmacists send in their applications by Sept. 15, the group said Friday.

The SPCB said the due date applies to the first round of Certified Specialty Pharmacy tests, which will be administered in October, and pharmacists can apply online for the test.

"We urge all specialty pharmacists interested in elevating their careers and distinguishing themselves from their peers to consider taking advantage of this unique credentialing opportunity this October," SPCB executive director Gary Cohen said. "CSP represents the only industry-wide opportunity for specialty pharmacists to demonstrate their expertise and skill level to current and prospective employers. Because of the increasing demand for specialty pharmacy by the medical community and its patients, this professional development opportunity will become an important benchmark for those within the specialty pharmacy sector moving forward."


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