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Charmin gives consumers the power to choose responsibly sourced toilet paper


CINCINNATI -- Leading tissue brand Charmin is making it easier for shoppers to buy their paper products from responsibly managed sources.

The brand has launched its newest tissue product innovation, Charmin Essentials, and with it the launch of FSC and Rainforest Alliance certification of Charmin Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft family of tissue products. Consumers can now find the FSC and Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seals on-pack.

“P&G knows that it is important to preserve our world’s forests to ensure a future for our planet. That’s why we partner with the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance to help us ensure that the tree fibers used in our products, like Charmin, come from responsibly managed forests while still delivering the superior product experience our consumers expect,” said John Brase, VP, Family Care. “This campaign is one piece of our overall efforts to support and raise awareness of the protection of forests and FSC. Now, when consumers purchase Charmin and see the FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified seals, they can “enjoy the go” now and for generations to come.”

Today’s consumers want to be environmentally friendly and Charmin is sharing information and insights on its approach to responsible papermaking to empower its consumers to do the same to make informed decisions. Consumers will now find in-depth sustainability webpages to learn more about what P&G is doing to keep environmental impact top of mind for their favorite products.

“By sourcing from responsibly-managed forests, P&G sets an example of environmental and social responsibility for other companies, and for their customers,” said Richard Donovan, senior vice president and president of forestry, the Rainforest Alliance.


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