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CHPA applauds Delaware, 29th state to adopt NPLEx


WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Wednesay applauded Delaware Rep. Rebecca Walker, the Delaware legislature and Gov. Jack Markell for passing and signing House Bill 130, an anti-methamphetamine bill. With Governor Markell’s signature, Delaware becomes the 29th state to adopt the pseudoephedrine real-time, stop-sale blocking system known as the National Precursor Log Exchange.

“With Governor Markell’s signature on this important legislation, Delaware joins the majority of states throughout the country in its use of illegal sales blocking technology,” stated Scott Melville, CHPA president and CEO. “In addition to Delaware, 28 other states have chosen to adopt the NPLEx system because it provides an exceptional resource to law enforcement and retailers, while ensuring that law-abiding consumers continue to have access to the cold and allergy medicines they know and trust," he said. "More than 18 million American families rely on safe and effective medicines containing pseudoephedrine for relief from their symptoms."

NPLEx is a tool that allows retailers and pharmacists to block unlawful attempted purchases of cold and allergy medicines containing PSE that exceed daily or monthly limits established by the 2005 federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act. NPLEx empowers retailers and law enforcement officials with the ability to track and block illegal sales of products containing PSE at the counter.  

Prior to the implementation of NPLEx, retailers had to manually record PSE purchases in a hand-written logbook. The system is provided at no charge to the state.





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