Clorox to launch concentrated liquid bleach products


OAKLAND, Calif. — Clorox is boosting its namesake with a new line of liquid bleach products.

During its analyst day, held on May 31, the company unveiled plans to launch new concentrated formulas of Clorox liquid bleach products beginning in August. Benno Dorer, SVP of the company's cleaning division, said the concentrated formula will reduce the current 96-oz. bottle by 33% to 64 oz., "making it more convenient to handle while maintaining the same number of uses."

"Compared with the current formulation, the new formula will provide improved whitening on clothes and kill more germs on hard surfaces," Dorer said. "Because the bottle is smaller, we'll reduce our costs and environmental footprint by using less water in manufacturing, as well as less packaging material and fuel in transporting finished product."

The company added that the concentrated bleach "will be [a] key value driver during the next 12 months."

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