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Clorox looks to change the way consumers clean with new formula


OAKLAND, Calif. — Surfaces can now be kept cleaner and laundry much whiter than before with the new and improved Clorox Regular Bleach, with Cloromax Technology. This new formula not only repels stains quicker than before, but also works to keep surfaces looking better reducing soil adhesion, the company said. 

Time spent cleaning can now be cut in half due to this new patented technology of polymers that not only kills 99% of germs and bacteria, but also protects surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen or any other room by forming a protective shield around them that repels stains when used as directed.

“People love Clorox bleach because they can trust it to tackle their toughest messes and stains. Now, when you use Clorox Bleach with Cloromax Technology, you get a powerful clean plus added protection for your surfaces,” Clorox associate director of marketing Gabriele Amtmann said. “It makes clean up quicker and easier, so messes don’t slow you down.”

Clorox Regular Bleach with CloromaxTechnology is now available nationwide and online in 16-oz., 30-oz., 64-oz. and 121-oz. sizes. Consumers will be able to easily identify the product by the shield placed on the bottle. The proper dilution and usage for surfaces, laundry and disinfections also have changed but will be provided on the labeling.  

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