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Coca-Cola Foundation donates $8.8 million to global charities, including $1.9 million to health, wellness programs


ATLANTA — The philanthropic arm of the Coca-Cola Co. is donating nearly $9 million to organizations focused on well-being, community development and environmental protection.

The Coca-Cola Foundation announced that it had awarded $8.8 million to 66 organizations around the world between April and June of this year. Of that, $1.9 million went to physical activity and well-being programs; $4.6 million went to education, community improvement and social well-being; and $2.3 million went to environmental programs, such as water stewardship and recycling. The programs are in countries like Uruguay, Finland and Japan.

"The Coca-Cola Foundation is committed to addressing the needs of the communities in the 200-plus countries where we operate," foundation chairwoman and Coca-Cola Co. VP global community connections Lisa Borders said. "These organizations are creating the type of change needed to improve people's lives, build sustainable communities and enhance our environment for future generations."

Healthy living organizations receiving awards included DESEM Del Uruguay, $15,000; Valo, Valtakunnallinen Liikunta Ja Urhiluorganisaatio Ry, Finland, $400,000; and NPO Japan Running Promotion Organization, $190,000.  

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