Coke Zero enters partnership with football star Jerome Bettis


PITTSBURGH — Coke Zero is teaming up with football star Jerome Bettis in a year-long partnership.

To kick off the partnership, Coca-Cola has pledged $5,000 to benefit the annual Jerome Bettis Asthma and Sports Camp through the The Bus Stops Here Foundation and the American Respiratory Alliance of western Pennsylvania. The free event is designed for children from western Pennsylvania who are diagnosed with asthma to learn about their condition and how they can be physically active in a safe environment. Activities include educational sessions with asthma experts from Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, as well as sports activities led by Bettis and other volunteer athletes from the area.

The partnership between Coke Zero and Bettis also will include opportunities for fans across the greater Pittsburgh area to win prizes redeem My Coke Rewards points for a chance to win Coke Zero prizes, personalized Jerome Bettis prizes, or even a VIP party with Bettis at his Grille 36 restaurant in Pittsburgh. The year-long partnership also will include Coke Zero-sponsored events and personal appearances by Bettis in the greater Pittsburgh community.

"We are incredibly proud to support the work being done by The Bus Stops Here Foundation," said Jim Dinderman, VP Sales for the Pittsburgh market unit for Coca-Cola Enterprises. "We are always looking for innovative ways to inspire happiness and provide refreshment for Pittsburgh fans as they cheer their team to victory. Through our collaboration with Jerome Bettis, we look forward to adding fun and exciting ways for fans to celebrate their love of the game."

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